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Elfpath Info
The easy, light and fun path back to your true self.
February 11th, 2010 
Every now and then, we allow the students of our courses to ask a question to Angel, our guru. Any question at all. The people from our Luma group wanted to know the following:

"I feel I had a walk in experience about 3 months ago. I don't see anything from the past about beings from other star systems interacting with us, so I'd like to know about that. Starseeds, wanders, walk-ins. I still want to know if Nibiru is real, and if the Annunaki are good or bad or if there are some of both, as in with humans.

"I feel more like where is all this coming from? Is it only because of elfpath? Why right now? Why are people more nice then before? What is happening right now in my life? What is different about me?"

This is a transcript of the class that followed.

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Link to our wiki page of this transcript
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