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Elfpath Info
The easy, light and fun path back to your true self.
About Elfpath 
24th-Dec-2009 12:41 am
Elfpath is an online school and community that offers information on a variety of meta-intuitive topics, a place to share ideas and find like minded people, classes to teach you to work with energy, use your intuition, and develop your own gifts - and most importantly, how to gain power over your own life.

If you feel lost, confused, anxious or like life should be so much easier and you are just not getting it - we can help you. If you've ever felt energy, seen aura's, had crazy strikes of luck, just "knew" things, felt the presence of angels or guides or ghosts - we can help with that too. You can develop these skills and learn to do amazing things.

Most people are sleepwalking through life. Wake up. We have coffee and a warmly stoked fire to make it easier and a lot more fun. You don't need to be miserable, and you don't need to settle for less. You're already awesome.
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