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Elfpath Info
The easy, light and fun path back to your true self.
What does it mean to be a starseed, walk-in, wanderer, indigo? 
11th-Feb-2010 01:57 pm
Every now and then, we allow the students of our courses to ask a question to Angel, our guru. Any question at all. The people from our Luma group wanted to know the following:

"I feel I had a walk in experience about 3 months ago. I don't see anything from the past about beings from other star systems interacting with us, so I'd like to know about that. Starseeds, wanders, walk-ins. I still want to know if Nibiru is real, and if the Annunaki are good or bad or if there are some of both, as in with humans.

"I feel more like where is all this coming from? Is it only because of elfpath? Why right now? Why are people more nice then before? What is happening right now in my life? What is different about me?"

This is a transcript of the class that followed.

==Movies reflect the changes in the world==

Rohaa: I think I'm hearing the same question in a lot of different shapes here. *There are so many changes going on inside us while we're on this path, how do we know who we really are, and what we are?*

For those who aren't familiar with these new age names and ideas, things like walk ins, starseeds, indigo kids, wanderers, otherkin, etc... they are all names people thought up to explain why they feel different than others.

There are a lot of changes going on in the world, especially the last few years, both in physical things like political opinions, habits, etc, and in the energies. You can see it in the movies that are coming out recently, too.

Does anyone know the American Pie series of movies? There are 6 or 7 of them by now. The first 6 were all about the battle between the sexes. Hot cheerleader girls being arrogant and manipulative and backstabbing to other girls and to boys, and all the alpha boys being sex obsessed and wanting to get laid.

They were very much embodying an old-age energy, where both sexes are constantly fighting over dominance and looking only for their own interest. Now the latest movie, Book of Love from 2009, suddenly turns all of that around.

It's about 3 loser type boys who discover a book that teaches them how to get laid. And instead of manipulating and generally being an asshole, they say "lets listen to each other. Lets treat the other with respect, try to make them happy, and above all lets live in integrity and be true to who we are"

Wow. Such a huge change in attitude, in a series thats been around for a long time and is geared towards our teenagers. it's one of the more obvious signs that attitudes in the world are changing. Another example is Avatar.

==People waking up==

When we talk about our world changing, we talk about people waking up. What do we mean by that?

Student: Discover life again. Know what life is really about. Be more true to yourself and to others.

Rohaa: Well said. When we talk about people waking up, we mean that they are starting to get rid of all the ideas society put in their minds, and all the fears and blocks, and start honestly looking inside.

When you're waking up, it's like you're seeing everything for the first time. You're wondering "Who am I? What did I come here for? What's my purpose?" and you find that there is so much more out there than you ever realized before. People start looking at you differently, or you start changing.

You've the idea that yes, you're going through a process of breaking out of your nice and safe cocoon, but when you get there, life's so much more than you ever knew. The more this world starts to change, the more people start to wake up. They start seeing new things, asking all these questions.

==When you are unhappy with who you are==

There are many people out there who aren't happy with the way they are now, and are looking for a change, something to give them this unsubstantial "something" that they feel they're missing. You've seen this, yeah?

These people fall into basically two groups: there are the ones who honestly want to change and are willing to do the work, and there are those who just want to feel better.

The first group ends up at places like Elfpath. they don’t like where they're at in life, or they're curious what else is out there, and they know it's going to take some serious inner work and getting busy to change it. These are they people who WANT change.

The second group tends to end up on various new agy sites. They want something else, but they don’t want to do all the scary inner work and facing their fears. They just want to be told what's going on with this new world, and to be part of the group; in that way, the new age scene has become much like a religion.

==Rules of the new age religion==

Of course. all those people from the first group, the ones who are starting to wake up, start looking around online and walk straight into the new age groups. Some of them get freaked out by the weirdness, some adopt this new religion, and some try to find spirituality within this new age concept.

The new age religion has a few rules:

* you can’t help anyone without asking for permission first

* you should have guides and angel type entities around to ask for guidance

* you need to be "good" and pure and white and light

* you are here to make yourself pure and maybe talk to others, but that's it.

Can you think of other new age rules like that?

Rules are for kids

Effectively, rules are believes. You believe something is right, so you make a rule about it, and then you never question that rule again. Anyone who doesn’t follow that rule is wrong. And that's useful for little kids.

What this world needs, though, is not little kids following rules. Talking about cool fairy tales is cute, but it doesn’t help anyone. If nothing else, it keeps them small when they could grow into something much bigger, when they could actually help change this world into a place we would like to live in.

I've just pretty much said all the rules from the new age religion are bullshit. Some people will probably get angry at that. That normal. People tend to get defensive about their rules and religions.

==Did Jesus Wear Sandals?==

I think this is the core of it: *Are we really something bigger? What are we growing into once we stop being kids and start waking up?*

Everything else, like what all the different terms mean and what old mythologies are real...it's all philosophy.

Philosophy is nice as an academic exercise, but is it useful to you? Questions like "How big is the universe? How long is god's beard? How many worlds are there? What are the names of the aliens out there?" ...all theoretical. And those are often the type of questions people start religious arguments about. Christianity half wiped itself out asking if Jesus wore sandals or not.

Student: How very silly.

Students well...did he!?

Rohaa: Irrelevant. If you really want to know, go see if you have a past life where you met him and check. But it's trivial philosophy.

Our minds aren’t as smart as we think and in this process, our mind is pretty much useless. We tend to use our mind to rationalise feelings we have, so we don't actually have to pay attention to our feelings and subconscious self at all

So many on this path start reasoning things out, thinking of what is logical and how it fits together and what the sensible thing is. They completely overlook their intuition and any other senses they have. The biggest problem with this is that people like that can’t scan.

If someone tells you "I talked to Archangel Michael in my dreams and he told me this", if you're just going by rules and logic, how can you tell if it's true or not? How do you know what to believe and what to listen to?

You need your intuition for that. And you need to be willing to put rules and religion aside and start asking all the questions all over again.

==The need to feel special==

Now when you're starting to wake up a little, like you're beginning to experience, you wonder how much you've been asleep, right? You look at other people who are still sleeping, and you think "wow, they're stupid. They’re not at all aware of things."

You'll probably put it in nicer and holier terms, but the sentiment is the same. So you're starting to wake up, and you're beginning to explore all these wonderful things. You’re sensing energy, you're seeing the law of attraction work everywhere, you feel more connected and open, and maybe you remember some past lives.

Students: It's difficult to talk to other people about it in that sense, outside of our groups.

Rohaa: And like you said, you find most other people don’t know anything about that and don’t want to know. So you start feeling lonely, and you start feeling very different from everyone else.

Students: It's a strange feeling. The more you know the stranger it is.

Rohaa: So what do we do when we feel lonely, disconnected from the rest of the world, scared, maybe a little crazy? How do we deal with that?

Student: So that's why I want to find a form a expression with all this, so I don’t feel so lonely.

Rohaa: I think that's what's under all your questions.

Student: Ya, I feel like I’m "losing" friends because their interests are different, whenever I bring up the subject.

Rohaa: You probably are. If we're serious about this process, everything changes. Your attitudes change, your believes start falling away, you're not really sure about anything anymore, the things you thought were true turn out to be entirely different, friends don’t understand, you're seeing more than your parents and relatives and colleagues...

If you're hitting even one or two of that list, it means you're starting to change already. Now you here have Elfpath, and a community of friends and family and teachers to reassure you and tell you it's normal and what you can expect. And most communities don’t have someone like Angel who has been doing this for over 30 years and who has gone through a lot of pain and difficulty to chart us a path through all this mess.

The problem when you're starting to feel different and everyone around you is still so much blind and asleep, is that you need a way to justify it all. We all have a need to fit in, to be normal, and when we don’t, we think there's something wrong with us. When we find out we're not so normal anymore, we start looking for a reason to make it ok. And especially when we're starting to see so much more than others, it's easy to look for a reason that makes us feel special, maybe a little superior.

The more we get in touch with our deeper self, and start remembering other lifetimes, maybe talk to entities out there..... a lot of us start longing for a sense of "home". We feel we don’t really belong here, or we don’t like it here. We start resenting having physical bodies and having to deal with everyday mess. We don’t want to identify with all the people on this world who are still asleep and blind to the things we're seeing.

So we start identifying with other things. we call ourselves starseed and say we're not originally from here. Or we call ourselves walk ins and therefore think we're not really part of this world. Or we're indigo kids and we're "special".

I say it's all bullshit.

==You're here, now==

Sure, you may remember a lifetime or two (or three, or three hundred) from another planet, and sure, you may have walked into this body, or be an indigo child or a crystal, or you remember having friends from Orion or living on a spaceship.

It doesnt matter.

It's philosophy.

None of these things make you any better than any of the people out there who are still asleep. You’re not superior, or special, because of it. Just a few months or a few years ago, you were just as asleep as them. And perhaps in a few years, most of them will be more awake than you.

What does matter is that you are here, now. You chose to have this lifetime on this planet, for whatever reason. You chose to come into a human body at this time in this planet's history. You don’t get to distance yourself from all that and cling to being from elsewhere, or not always having been human. If you remember things like that, great. It’s a tool that you can use, and that you can perhaps get some wisdom from if you use it appropriately.

But you don’t get to stop being human, living in a physical body, in a pretty messed up world. Any phrase or idea or new age type belief that takes you away from realizing this just takes you further away from what you came here to do. If you had wanted to experience a lifetime as an alien on another planet, you'd be there now, not here.

==So, what are we changing into?==

Students: So....how do we find out what it is we came here to do? How do we find what our original intention or purpose for choosing the human experience was/is?

Rohaa: I've told students before, your advancement isn’t determined by the tools you have, but by what you do with them. Someone who has been with Elfpath for half a year and knows all the fancy techniques but doesn’t use them when they run into a problem can be a lot less advanced than someone who's been here two weeks and really understands and uses GCB.

Someone who remembers being from the Pleiades and talks to guides and aliens and angels and sees energies but just talks about it often is a lot less useful to the process of change going on, on this planet than someone who doesn’t remember anything, but has a sincere desire to help others suffer less and goes out to make that happen

So, what are we changing into?

Who are we going to be once we've cleared some of our gutmuck and are really awake? Do we become some sort of etheric pure being, do we start feeling like aliens? Maybe.

There is a persistent idea out there that talks about earth angels. The idea that we can’t rely on guides, and angels and whatnot any longer. That we who are starting to truly wake up now ARE the guides and angels for the rest of the planet. Even if there's no truth to it, I feel this attitude is immensely more helpful than one where we sit and talk about how special we are and how enlightened the beings we talk to are.

This planet is changing, a lot of people are suffering every day, and we are it. If we want to see change happen, we make it happen. If it bothers us to see people suffer, we go out and talk to them and help them deal with it, whether they want to first give us permission or not.

And are you going to find out you're a starseed and once lived on orion? Are you going to find out you walked into this body? Maybe. But I’m much more interested in what you are going to DO now that you're here. If you want to talk about philosophy and ask all the questions of why is this and what does that mean....go ahead. But if you want to really make a difference, now's the time for it. Start asking the "how" questions. "How do I find out what I truly want to do? How can I best wake up others? How can I help my friend who's hurting?" This is what will determine who you are going to be and what you'll change into during this process and you can make that decision, right now.

==Get busy==

Student: So I guess what I'm understanding you to say is: WE should decide what we want to see changed in the world...make the decision to change it and just go out and DO it!? With the help of the tools we learn here...we can be the change we want to see happen? Is this correct?

Rohaa: Yes. If enough people get busy and start waking up themselves and others, the world will have a chance to come through this change much easier and faster. much less people will have to suffer

What I'm saying is, you dont get to hide in past lives and alien origins, whether you have them or not. You're here, now. You chose to be human and to be part of this world.

So get busy.

Students: But how do we help others wake up with they have no interest in knowing or understanding it at this time? How can we plant the seeds of change in them?

Rohaa: You'll feel you don’t know very much yet and that you're not remotely qualified to tell others how to wake up.

There is a story Angel once told me. Many years ago, he was visiting with a very old shaman, who was talking about this world changing and that things needed to be done. And Angel said "Sure, definitely, but I'm not ready. I don’t know much of anything, who am I to go out and guide people?" To which the old shaman said, "When you are done learning and you really know enough to teach others....you'll be dead." When you've learned everything you wanted to in this life, when you're ready, you've reached the end of your life. If you're going to sit around waiting for when you're ready, you'll be helping exactly no one in the mean time.

Of course you're new to this and a bit confused and not quite sure what you're doing half the time. This world needs that. It has no use for people so stuck in the old ideas, that they already think they know everything. If you're confused and scrambling, you're learning. You’ll be looking for new ways to do it better, more efficiently. You’ll find methods that work in this new world that wouldn't have worked in the old one and yes, sometimes you'll screw up and maybe someone will get hurt. But much more often than that, you'll get it right, and you'll really help someone. And they can go out and help others in turn.

So the more you go out and just do it, start teaching people, start helping them, start making the changes happen that you want to see in this world, the more you'll start getting it right. If you sit down and wait until you're ready, or you hide away and pretend to not really be part of this messy human race and this chaotic planet at all, you might as well have stayed asleep. You’re no help to the rest of us.

Student: That's beautiful.

Another student: So how do we use scanning to be of help to others?

Rohaa: We trust our intuition. We get into our guts, into our power, and find out who we really are, and every action we take, we take in harmony with that self. If you find that you at your core are a senser, someone who gets lots of clarity and info on people, you could go and point out their problems to them so they know where to start fixing them. If you find you'd rather go out and shape things, you can build organizations, fix people's energy systems, make physical world things happen.

There are so many things you can do and doing any of them is more useful already than sitting and waiting until you have it all figured out. When I first started counseling people who had problems and felt really stuck and unhappy, I knew far less than you do now. I didn’t have a curriculum with classes and a lot of exercises to give out and a process to follow, and I had less than a few months experience. But people started showing up who were obviously hurting, and I talked to them, and I gave them the best I had at the moment, and it's always been enough.

All of you can do the same, right now. And you already have more tools, more understanding and a better support system than I had back then. And while you're talking to people, you'll learn. You’ll see that this works and that doesn’t, that hey, these things always happen together, they're probably related, that student has a problem you just dealt with yourself... unless of course you just don’t care. in which case I’d recommend quitting now and saving yourself a lot of trouble waking up, dealing with all your gutmuck, re-learning who you are.

Student: I once wanted to apply for this grant. I almost didn't because I thought I wasn't ready. At the last minute I applied. I said, yeah, I know how to write, I can do this. I got the grant. It's true, you just do things and learn from the struggle, the struggle is the learning process.

Rohaa: Nicely said. You take what you have right now, and you give it your best shot. And every time you do so, you'll learn a little more, and you'll make a little more of a difference. It's exactly when you're in way over your head and you're flailing that you get your act together and learn something.

Get busy.

Student: That's it?

Rohaa: That's it.

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