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Increasing Your Intuition
This is the LJ community of a much larger community at www.elfpath.com that focusses on learning to sense and work with energy and develop your own meta-intuitive gifts. We will post updates from our Elfpath wiki page, transcripts of Q&Angel seminars, and other info that is relevant to the meta-intuitive as it becomes available. You're welcome to join this comm and see our newest material right after we get it.

When you have little awareness of yourself and the energetic world around you, it's easy to run into problems. These problems can manifest as physical illness or emotional pain, or you may feel like your life is going nowhere, bad things keep happening to you, and you dont have any power to pull yourself out of a slump and into the direction you want. You may not even really know who you are and what you want. If you have any intuitive gifts, like the ability to heal, or empathy, or any other, you may have blocked them or hid them so well you can't use them at all. If gifts are showing up, they may be very difficult to manage, and you may feel very overwhelmed by them.

This is true for most people.

Elfpath offers a very practical teaching program geared to develop your own intuition and awareness, so that you can be more stable in life, more in tune with who you really are. Our courses include bi-weekly online (chat) classes in a small group so that you can get lots of personal attention from our teachers, many unique exercises that will teach you how to sense and affect your energy, tools to work through and clear emotional and physical blocks, and one-on-one help from any of our teachers if you need it.

In addition, we offer real time audio seminars with Angel, where you can listen to teachings of a great master in the meta-intuitive arts and ask any questions you want.

For those who want to become more intuitive, healthier, and more balanced, we can give you an instant Energy Activation for the low price of E40,00 (half price for students). Using a method seen nowhere else, we affect your energy patterns on a coding level, so that every cell in your body operates on a higher frequency and closed down parts of your intuition become activated. Students have reported an increase in energy, greater ease in drawing in universal energy through their crown chakra, less emotional chaos, an increase in their intuitive abilities, more vivid dreams, and a greater sense of balance.

Lastly, for a small donation one of our advanced teachers will sit down with you in chat and work on a personal problem that you want clarity on or help with. For this, we use tools like empathy, Intuitive SCANing and advanced energy work to give you clear readings and effective help.

To help our students understand the material and to give them a reference database to look up any areas of interest to them, we are working on an extensive meta-wiki. This LJ community will host articles from that wiki as they are created, so that others too can benefit from this information and insight. Anyone is welcome to join and discuss these articles.

For more information, or to talk to our students and other intuitives on our forums, check out www.elfpath.com.